Quality at Gravity Hardware

Our extensive experience allows us to offer sound technical support services, from design advancements to testing and commissioning of the product. Due to strict quality control procedures our customers are ensured that their requirements are met accurately and consistently. The quality control department is equipped with all the necessary testing equipments, used by a technically qualified team. Quality control forms an integral part at every stage right from receipt of raw materials to delivery of finished goods. Various tests like salt spray tests, acetone rub tests, pencil hardness tests, life cycle tests, etc. are carried out to make sure our products can measure up to international standards. In Rashi products excellence is not an exception but a prevailing attitude

Quality Policy

We at Rashi products are committed to manufacture and supply consistently defect free components to the customer, enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements at competitive prices.

We at Rashi products thrive to understand and fulfill with quick response the changing needs of the customer from time to time.

We at Rashi Products are committed to continual improvement in manufacturing processes and factory environment through total involvement of employees.

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    Life Cycle Tests
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    Pencil Hardness Test
  3. image
    Acetone Rub Test
  4. image
    Salt Spray Test
  5. image
    Micron Thickness Test
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    Visual Measuring System
  7. image
    Profile Projector
  8. image
    Roughness Tester